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okay i didn't go for the interview.

how ironic that this popped up while i was researching about the company on google. read this moblog post by CraziED

the gist of the whole story is; these companies are all under the cobra group. they are at an office located at 98a tanjong pagar, under the name of "regional marketing offices". but for some reason, they've come up with names like "jeregon international", "redwoods advance", "visionX", "dirad pte ltd", and they hire people through job listings on jobsdb and jobcentral.

seriously, i think its unethical to do that. i mean, it isn't a scam or anything, but hello moron, if your job is about direct marketing and sales, then you should just say so instead of disguising it up with an attractive salary and job title. they didn't even mention it was commission based. they just said "2000 - 2500". not many people like direct sales jobs. a corporate sales job is fine, but its another thing to beg someone from a tanjong pagar office  to buy a $10 fan. and why the need for so many names?!

besides, i was rather surprised when the hr guy whom i spoke to on the phone emailed me with a gmail account. and the office building was called "regional marketing offices" but the company was called jeregon international. also, he included the emails of the other candidates for the job which i felt was rather unprofessional. and the weirdest part was that the interview was going to be held with the MD. because that's the HR's job and the hod job isn't it? i remember that from my days at grundfos.

well anyway, i want to reiterate that this job is not a scam, but well, don't go working for them unless you want to sell mio tv door to door.

EDIT (5/4/2013) This is my opinion about the group of companies. I am not saying they are evil, bad or corrupted; I just think its unethical to phrase your job advertisement in a way that misleads applicants. I think potential job applicants should know the truth about this company and I am glad that some potential job applicants were educated on how the company actually functions.

This was written 5 years ago after I graduated from NP. I think some of the comments in this thread are pretty useful so I have un-screened them. I have deleted a few nasty personal comments. I figure some of the idiots who think I am a failure for not going through with the interview might want to know that I have gone on to get my degree and am now working in Japan.

Since this post draws so many job applicants, I would like to do a mini survery! Does anybody here
1. hold a JLPT qualification
2. have a background in IT (2-3 years work experience or a Bachelors in anything IT related)
3. want to work as an IT engineer in Japan?

If you know someone who has the above, please comment too! This post is screened so your privacy is protected. I will not un-screen your answers. Thank you. (:
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